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13 Best Personal Training Website Designs: 2021 Trendy Ideas

May 2, 2021 | Web Design

Researching Your Personal Training Website? The future is looking bright for personal trainers. The fitness industry has grown tremendously over the last decade and now there are more people than ever that want to get in shape! This means plenty of opportunities for personal trainers to find work, but it also means they have a lot more competition. In order to stand out from the crowd, many personal trainers are turning to website design companies for help. We’re here today with a list of the top 10 best website designs that will be popular in 2021!

1) A Simple, Clean Design Idea


2) A Design Perfect For Female Influencers

Trendy feminine personal trainer website design

3) Dark and Modern Layout

Modern dark personal trainer website

4) An Elegant, Simple Design

An elegant personal trainer website design

5) The Sexy, Modern, Branded Design

Sexy clean

6) Minimalist, Modern, Dark Theme Strength Training

Dark cool personal trainer website

7) For The Boxing Coach

Website design for boxing coach

8) A Nike Type Vibe For Online Training

Nike vibes

9) Trendy Lines For Best Personal Trainer Website

Trendy web design lines

10) Show Off All Your Classes

Flexible personal trainer website design

11) A Fitness Website For Fitness Products or Online Store

Fitness product website design

12) Elegant Fitness Industry Design


13) The Dark Clean Fitness Website

Dark influencer

Best Personal Trainer Websites 2021

Maybe you’re in the market for a new website or looking to revamp your current one but first want to see what the designs are currently trending or get some inspiration for your next project. You’ve come to the right place! We’re going to run down some of our favorite personal trainer websites from 2021, and give you pointers on how they might be able to help your business stand out online.

Do Personal Trainers Need a Website?

Like most personal trainers, you might want a website if you are looking to build up your brand, or if you want to be found more easily by clients on the web. Websites are a great way for personal trainers with small businesses (or those looking to expand their services) to offer their potential customers an enticing glimpse into what they have in store for them!

Another reason you should get a website is if you are looking to expand your services. Websites can be a great way for personal trainers to show potential clients what they offer outside of the gym, such as nutrition plans or online videos that teach fitness and exercise techniques from home!

Finally, you’ll likely want a website if you’re looking to save time in your day-to-day. Websites can automate tasks that would otherwise take up a lot of personal trainers’ precious minutes, such as scheduling appointments or sending emails!

How Much Are Personal Training Websites?

Personal training websites can range in price depending on a few factors, such as functionality and customization. It can also depend on if you want to write your own content or use a pre-designed template.

Websites for personal trainers are generally more expensive than the average $100 website because they offer so much more functionality! In general, prices start at around $3000 with a fully custom design, but they can be cheaper or more expensive depending on your personal needs and the website’s functionality.

It’s important to note that prices do not include hosting or domain registration fees, which can add another $100-$1000 onto your price depending on how long you want hosting and domain renewals. That means it may be wise to budget at least a few thousand dollars for a website project.

If you are interested in seeing the best personal trainer website prices check out my website packages page.

How much does an online personal trainer cost?

For anyone interested in losing weight or any other services that you can find on personal trainer websites. The cost for a personal trainer can depend on many factors, including the company you work with, your experience level, and what type of personal training you’re looking for. The average price is about $35 an hour but this can vary depending on where you live because different areas have different costs of living.

If you’re a personal trainer wondering how much to charge, a few things to think about is what’s your overhead, what is the average personal trainer salary in your area, and how much are other trainers charging.

You should be able to get rough numbers of these things by doing a quick search online or calling around to see if any other personal trainers would share their information with you.

How to charge more as a personal trainer

If you want to charge more as a personal trainer, you should be able to service way more clients and make more money by offering online personal training courses or switching over to online group courses.

The reason this will allow you to make more money is that, as a personal trainer, you will be able to charge the same amount for less work with more clients.

The reason this will allow you to service more clients is that being online makes your services accessible to anyone in any location at any time.

Group training is another great way to earn more money as a personal trainer and you can use your website to promote these types of services. The only thing you’ll want to consider is how do you plan to get visitors to your website? Getting visitors can be tough but if you create a freebie and run an advertisement on Instagram as your online marketing strategy you can get great results.

Check out the coaches’ cartel blog for success stories from other personal trainers.

How do I create an online personal training website?

In order to create your own personal training website for your personal training business, you will need to make sure that your website meets the following requirements:

  • It must have a responsive design, so it looks good on any device and in any browser
  • It has great SEO rankings because search engines like google are more likely to rank websites higher if they meet certain standards of quality.

In order to do this easily, I recommend using WordPress to build your website. The reason WordPress is great is that it is so popular and it has a massive library of free plugins that will help you meet these requirements.

If you are not familiar with WordPress, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the basics with this video: It will show you what is needed in order to get a website up and running.

What Do All Great Website Have In Common?

A great website starts with a professional design and layout. A design should be simple, yet elegant and attractively designed to make it easy for visitors to find what they need quickly.

Every webpage of your website is an opportunity for a potential client or customer, so you want them to have the best experience possible when browsing through your pages. The aesthetics of a page can speak volumes about your brand.

A few different pages that you should include are a Services page, a Contact page with a contact form and contact information, and possibly an About Us page for your website visitor.

This is the perfect way to let people know what your company specializes in. For a personal trainer, for example, this would be fitness personalized workouts or nutrition coaching, etc. You should list down everything that you offer and any specialties so they can see if you are a good fit for them.

Another important addition to your website is the call to action. Call to actions are an important page because it will allow for a potential client or customer to take the next step.

A great call-to-action for your website is something that is a low commitment like a freebie offer. Freebies are a great way to get your foot in the door with new clients, present yourself as an authority as well as get their email address so you can stay in contact with them.

Who has the best online personal trainer website?

The most popular personal trainer on Instagram is Jen Selter or Michelle Lewin.

You can view Michelle’s personal trainer website here.

You can view Jen Selter personal trainer website here.

The most popular personal training website is P90X, a fitness company that offers 12 months of online videos and one-on-one coaching with Tony Horton himself.

In Conclusion

Personal trainer websites are a must-have for any fitness business. They allow you to reach potential clients without the need of going door-to-door, and they also provide an opportunity to market your services in areas that you may not otherwise be able to do so. If you’re looking for help with designing or managing your personal training websites, don’t hesitate to contact me at casey@csmithwebdev.com!

We understand how important it is for trainers like yourself to get online exposure while being mindful of costs. Our process is simple; we’ll start by meeting with you via Zoom or over the phone where we will discuss your goals and brainstorm ideas together before getting started on the design phase of creating your site from scratch (or revamping what’s already there).

Hopefully, these trends have given you some insight into what to expect in the personal training industry and how your business can be prepared. If you are looking for a website design that will help you stand out as a personal trainer, get more clients, and make it easier to create an online presence, I would love to chat. Check out my current packages here.

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