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PPC Fitness: The Ultimate Guide to PPC Ads for Fitness

Aug 6, 2021 | Advertising, Marketing

If you are a fitness company, then PPC ads for fitness are the best way to get new customers. Online marketing is more important than ever before because most people skip over TV commercials and print ads these days. I mean, seriously, when was the last time you saw, let alone opened up a yellow pages book.

Pay-per-click advertising allows businesses like yours to reach potential clients based on their interests or location, which means that your PPC fitness campaign can be as targeted as possible! In this article, we’ll cover PPC basics and how they apply to the health industry specifically so that you can start building your PPC ads today.

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Ppc fitness advertising

Are you looking for a fast way to attract new leads? Let’s dive into the world of Pay Per Click Advertising for fitness coaches.

So, what does it take to launch a successful PPC campaign? Four major components make up an advertising campaign; ads, keywords, landing pages, and bidding. The first step is figuring out your ideal customer profile so you can create specific ads for them. You’ll also need to find the keywords that will most likely draw them in and determine which landing page is best for lead conversion.

Next, you’ll need to set a budget per day/month, as well as how much you’re willing to bid on each keyword. For your ads to show up at all, they must meet these two criteria, or they will be virtually invisible to potential clients.

This article is just a basic introduction to how Pay Per Click Advertising for fitness companies can work and what steps you’ll need to take to get started, but feel free to ask any questions below!

So What Type Of PPC Is Best For Fitness Trainers?

Facebook ads

Facebook PPC For Fitness

Facebook PPC is a great way to reach new potential clients because they are generally more engaged than people on other social media sites. Facebook Ads can also be highly targeted, allowing you to focus your marketing efforts in specific areas and demographics of the population.

Getting started with Facebook Ads for fitness coaches

Step 1. Set up your ads manager account by going to facebook.com/ads/manage.

Step 2. Click “Create Campaign” and name your campaign.

Step 3. Click “Learn More” and fill in the relevant information for your fitness trainer PPC ads, such as ad type, audience targeting, and budget amount.

Google ppc ads

Google PPC For Fitness

Google ads are a great advertising platform because they offer high-quality products and services. You can choose the type of ad that is most relevant to your business. Google offers text ads, video ads, images, and local inventory ads for your fitness trainer PPC ads.

Getting Started with Google Ads for fitness coaches

Step 1. Register your account with an email and password.

Step 2. Under “Create Campaign,” enter the name of your campaign.

Step 3. Enter relevant information such as ad type, audience targeting, and budget amount in the “My Campaign Summary” section at the bottom of the page.

Step 4. Click on “Save And Finish.”

Is PPC Worth It?

Pay-per-click advertising is worth the money because it increases website traffic. PPC advertising is a simple, cost-effective way of getting more potential customers to contact you. PPC campaigns can target specific customers based on interests or location.

Websites looking for PPC ads can start with a small budget and gain quick access to prospective clients who have been found through targeted keywords or customer geofencing. PPC campaigns are typically set up, so the business only pays when somebody clicks on an ad and visits their webpage, unlike standard banner ads, which passively sit in your store collecting dust just waiting to be clicked on by someone else who saw them before you did. Another bonus that PPC offers is that companies can track how many people they reach.

If done correctly, you can think of PPC as trading 1 dollar for 2 dollars or more!

Example Of An Effective PPC Advertisement

Tips: Make sure you have a target audience in mind. Example: Prenatal Mothers

Example Ad Headline: Start your journey to a healthy pregnancy and postpartum lifestyle with our prenatal workout plans.

Example Ad Description: Do you need a plan to be healthy during your pregnancy?

A prenatal Pilates and Yoga expert have designed our fitness workouts. Our workouts will help you get in shape, deal with the fatigue of being pregnant, and prepare for having a baby.

Benefits of PPC

1) PPC provides statistics and data on what works best for your target market, so you can think of it as paying for insider data.

2) You can use PPC to target customers who may not even know your company exists; for instance, a Gym located in a large city, but its most successful customer base comes from across state lines.

3) PPC enables people or organizations to pay when someone clicks their ad instead of constantly paying for ads no one notices.

4) It’s a consistent and super fast way of attracting value leads.

5) You are completely in control of your budget and how often your ads are displayed.

Pay-per-click ads are a great way to increase your website traffic and generate high-quality leads. Facebook Ads can be highly targeted, which means that you’ll only pay when someone clicks on an ad and visits your webpage instead of paying for ads that no one notices.

Google Ads offers text ads, video ads, images, and local inventory ads depending on what is most relevant to your business needs. One example of a PPC fitness advertisement was “Start Your Journey To A Healthy Pregnancy And Postpartum Lifestyle With Our PreNatal Workouts.” The benefits of PPC include the ability to track how many people you reach with PPC and gain insider data about what works best based on statistics from other ads.

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