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7 New Powerful Pinterest Hacks For Massive Growth In 2021

May 5, 2021 | Marketing, Social Media

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media networks in history, and with so many new people joining every day, it can be difficult to find your niche. But don’t worry!

If you’re reading this, you probably have a passion for health and fitness. You might be an online coach or personal trainer who is looking to grow their following on Pinterest. This article will discuss 4 secret hacks that can help your account get more followers in the next 5 years. All of these tips are tested, so I know they work!

Why Should Personal Trainers Use Pinterest?

If you have a blog on your website, Pinterest is literally a powerhouse for free traffic. The entire goal of Pinterest is to get people interested in your brand and then bring them back to your website. In order for this process to work, you’ll need a Pinterest account that is active.

you can cross-promote your blog posts on the social media network meaning you can knock out two birds with one stone by publishing your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

The Pinterest audience is often more interested in fitness, cooking, and healthy living than most other social networks. You might even find a few followers who are specifically looking for an online coach or personal trainer that they could work with!

Pinterest also provides plenty of content to share across their platform. It’s just another way to grow your following while using Instagram as a strategy for what people should be focusing on when it comes to health-related topics.

Personal trainers will want to make sure they have an account set up on Pinterest so that they’re able to do these things: – Find new readers through visuals – Cross-promote articles from their website – Get inspiration from

Before You Even Begin Posting Pins

Before you even begin posting or promoting your fitness blog to Pinterest you need to do your market research. Market research is important in order to find the best way to get your blog in front of new people.

It’s super important to post content that your audience wants to see. The goal isn’t just to have a large following (even though that is nice) the real end result you want is to have a GOOD following that actually views and clicks over to your website. This is when you will start to get a lot of traffic and a lot of potential new customers from that traffic.

One way is by finding what other fitness blogs are successful and copying their content strategy (some might work better than others so be sure to test things out). You can also do a keyword search on Pinterest’s “Explore” page for health-related topics that you want your readership to focus on, or posts related to exercise routines they may not have tried before.

The next step would be creating an account with Pinterest, which should be done first if you don’t already have one set up! Once you’ve created your account, and done your market research it’s time to start posting pins.

How To Find Trending Pin Topics

Pinterest trends for personal trainers


Click the link above to find exploding topics on Pinterest. With Pinterest Trends you can find what is trending in your current month and decide what and when to get your Pins published.


If you see a topic that you really want to post about then make sure you get your pin scheduled 4 weeks ahead of time. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for your pins to get recognized by the Pinterest algorithm.

Pinterest also added reactions so you can see what kind of pins are generating the most engagement.

Pinterest reactions

Likes: used to express agreement with a post or photo

Love: “Love” is usually reserved for the best of what’s on Pinterest, like recipes and DIY projects that you can’t wait to try

Haha: means laughter–a reaction to something funny in your timeline

You can browse any topic on Pinterest and simply check the engagement to see if the pin is getting popular or not. If so, it’s something you can consider duplicating and adding your own flare.

HACK #1: Post Story Pins (New Feature)

Pinterest stories

Story pins are a relatively new feature on Pinterest. Think of them as a mash-up between the “video” and “pin.” Like any new feature on social media, story pins have pros and cons. But regardless, it’s something you SHOULD BE DOING if you want traffic!!

First of all, because story pins are somewhat new you need to actually apply to use them. When you log in you should see the option so it’s pretty straightforward to do that.

PROS: Story pins are new and Pinterest is pushing them hard! They are kind of behind on the story game and want to catch up. That’s why you need to publish them. If Pinterest is pushing them, there is a solid chance you will be rewarded by the algorithm.

Story pins also have the option to gain followers by adding a follow button at the end of your pin sequence. This is awesome because you can gain followers without asking for them.

CONS: One thing that is lame about story pins is that you can’t add your website links to them.

They are nonclickable which is super unfortunate. This may be a feature Pinterest is still working on but nonetheless, we’re looking to grow our following and at least you can still have the follow button!

It’s like you’re pinning your curated content (like videos, articles, recipes) to an ongoing storyboard that changes over time. The first step in setting up Story pins is choosing which board they’ll live on–this can be any existing or new board that you create in order for it to fit with your branding strategy. Stories are also customizable so you can choose from different colors, sizes, filters, and other features depending on your needs. You get a unique link when creating each one too!

HACK #2: Don’t Do The Outdated Follow/Unfollow Method!

I’m going against traditional wisdom here but hear me out because this is important. If you want to grow your Pinterest organically, you don’t want to follow and unfollow people constantly, and here is why.

  1. Does it still work? Firstly, does this method still work? Yes. It does, (kind of) but it’s an easy way to get your account banned or suspended. Not fun, especially when you’ve been working hard to grow your account and putting in the time to post consistently.
  2. It’s outdated in 2021 – Pinterest’s algorithm is constantly evolving. They know when you are mass following people on your account. When they see you doing this they will just associate your account as low-quality and your pins won’t get promoted as much. It’s really that simple.
  3. Low-Quality Followers – Not only is it an outdated method but when you follow and unfollow people, sure you’ll get some followers in return but more likely those followers aren’t interested in what you’re actually posting. If you have a large following and a low engagement rate Pinterest will mark your account as low-quality and you risk not getting great exposure. Pinterest, just like

Google is a search engine that wants to show its users the best possible results. It’s just not worth it!

HACK #3: Be Consistent

Publishing and pinning new content consistently will get your pins noticed. It’s not a bad idea to schedule social media posts at least one week ahead of time so that you’re always on top of the latest trends and on top of mind with your audience.

Pinterest scheduler
You can schedule your pins, right from the canva dashboard!

Make sure that you post accordingly, without having to dedicate too much time or energy which is especially important if you have your own business with other responsibilities.

You have a life too, and you can’t always post but here are a couple of tools that will make this really easy!

  1. (SECRET TIP) You don’t have to create new blog posts every time! – Instead, you can just create multiple graphics. 5-10 new ones every day and link out to the exact same blog post. Just take your key points and change around your colors, graphics and headlines. This makes it super easy to hash out content consistently!
  2. Use Canva (Seriously!) – Tailwind was a super popular tool for a while and it still is. It also has a lot of benefits but with Canva you can create reusable templates to make this process SUPER EASY!!! Not only is the actual design part a breeze but you can now schedule your pins to get published right from your Canva account! It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

HACK #4: Pin Your Own Fresh Content

Pinterest for insane blog traffic

You want to make sure that your content is fresh when you are posting pins. Back in 2019, you could simply repin a bunch of other people’s pins and then hash out a couple of your own pins here and there but that strategy is outdated!

Now you want to be published your own fresh content which is pretty easy if you look at the tip above. You want to aim for 5-10 new posts every day to grow at maximum capacity.

HACK #5: Incorporate Keywords

Just like Google, Pinterest is a search engine before it is a social media platform. You want to optimize your account like you would your blog posts. Sprinkle in whatever important keywords you think your audience would be searching for to find your content.

This is where the trending page comes in handy on Pinterest because it shows the actual terms people are using. When you create your pins, add that keyword to your titles and descriptions.

This will give you a boost in the algorithm!

HACK #6: Create Inspiring Content

Pinterest mission statement

How to create inspiring content: Use Pinterest trends. And follow other influencers that your ideal audience already follows. See what type of pins they are publishing that would “Inspire” your ideal audience. Then go and think of something you can do similar or better.

Why it’s important: It’s important to create inspiring content because it’s literally Pinterest’s tagline.


They want users to create content that inspires people to click off the website and apply their newfound knowledge to better their users’ lives.

If you can inspire people on Pinterest and center your content on that you will likely do very well. As long as you are consistent.

HACK #7: Add Pinterest Follow & Share Buttons On Your Website

Lastly, make sure you are adding follow and share buttons on your website. These are a great way to build your following on Pinterest. If you are using WordPress there are a ton of free plugins that do this.

My favorite personally is Monarch by Elegant Themes but feel free to browse the plugin library to find one that works for you.

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