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Top Five Sites For Personal Trainer Website Inspiration

Aug 23, 2021 | Web Design, Website

If you are a personal trainer who is looking for personal trainer website inspiration, then this blog post is for you. I’ll share five of my favorite sites that will help give your personal trainer website a creative boost!

#1 Dribbble

Dribbble is a place for some of the top designers to post screenshots of their personal work. For you, it’s a place where personal trainers can find inspiration for personal trainer websites or personal trainer logos. Dribbble offers personal trainers the ability to subscribe to the personal feed for people who have personal training as their job and personal trainers are able to follow other groups in Dribbble that are related to personal training.

Dribble personal trainer website inspiration

#2 Behance

Behance is another amazing resource if you are looking to find personal trainer website inspiration. It is the world’s largest creative network. There are a wide variety of personal trainer websites on there that you can look at and get inspired from.

It’s free to browse around and pick out and save work from others so you can refer back to it. Once you have a nice selection of websites you can open up Canva and start designing or you can pass it along to a developer so they can build it for you.

If you want help building your website, I made a complete guide outlining everything for you. Click the link here: How to build a personal trainer website from scratch.


#3 ThemeForest

ThemeForest is a design resource that not a lot of people know or talk about. It’s super underrated because it’s not necessarily a site made for design work, rather it’s a marketplace for themes.

This is super useful because rather than purchase a theme you can browse around the site to get inspiration from actual web designs and theme developers.

What I like to do is, open up ThemeForest, search at the top for “Personal Trainer Websites” and then I’ll open a bunch of them up in new tabs. From there you can “preview” each of the themes.

You’ll notice that a ton of them have multiple design templates that you can check out to get inspiration from.

This is by far one of my favorite ways to get awesome ideas.

Theme forest website inspiration

#4 Pinterest

Pinterest is a great tool for finding ideas to build a website. There are thousands of personal trainer website design templates on there that personal trainers can get inspiration from.

It’s a good tool to use if you need some quick ideas. Plus, it’s a bonus that you can save all of the examples to a board for reference later. That way you can span your search over a couple of days and pick out what you like about each design that you saved.

Taking bits pieces from different projects will help you create something amazing but unique to your own vision and brand.

Pinterest website inspiration

#5 Google

When all else fails you can rely on trusty ole Google to get the job done. All you have to do is search for personal trainers near you. Check out other sites in your area and see how they have their website set up.

This isn’t always the best way because there are a lot of poorly design websites that exist. However, if you are able to find a reputable trainer in your area that’s getting a good amount of leads online, chances are they have a good website that is designed well and optimized to convert leads and prospects.

How To Build Your Own Fitness Website

I made a guide here that you can reference if you want to learn how to build your own fitness website for a very affordable price. The only thing you have to pay for to build your site is hosting, domain and a theme editor so that you don’t have to do any coding. The blog post is below.

How to build your own personal trainer website.

Personal Trainer Website Ideas For Even More Inspiration

I wrote an article with all sorts of web design ideas for fitness websites, training websites, yoga websites, online coaching, and more. You can check that post out below.

13 Brilliant Personal Trainer Website Examples

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