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Common Missed Opportunities on Personal Trainer Websites

Oct 9, 2021 | Web Design, Marketing

You wanna know what sucks? When I see personal trainers settle for a cookie-cutter website.

And by “cookie-cutter” I don’t mean using a template (because I don’t believe that custom-designed websites are the right fit for everyone).

Using a template that you can have customized to your unique brand can be a great option for getting online fast (especially when you’re on a budget).

What I mean by “cookie-cutter” is a website that might look great… but any kind of business could use it and it doesn’t really do anything. It’s like a slick online brochure that gets one look and is tossed aside and forgotten about.

Your business deserves more than cookie-cutter.

When you have a website that speaks to your ideal client, get’s their email address, and turns them into a customer, you can

  • double your revenue.
  • free-up your personal time.
  • and live a more fulfilling lifestyle!

Cookie-cutter websites miss all kinds of opportunities to turn visitors into paying customers. Here are some of the most common missed opportunities I see on personal trainer websites:

Missed Opportunity #1 – Not actively + intentionally capturing the email address of your website visitors. Why it’s important: When you don’t make it a no-brainer for your visitors to give you their email address, you’re relying on the customer to remember to come back to you! But when you do capture an email address and deliver something of value in return, you can start showing up in their inbox on a regular basis with valuable info for them, and then when they’re ready to move forward you’ll be top-of-mind. Missed Opportunity #2 – Not having a clear, intentional customer journey to guide your website visitor to a sale. Why it’s important: When your website isn’t designed to guide your visitors to a sale with clear directions + clear calls to action, your visitors will leave without taking action. All that traffic you worked so hard to get? Poof. Gone.

Missed Opportunity #3 – Not automating your processes. Why it’s important: As a business owner you know how important your time is. And one of the easiest ways to free up your time is to automate everything you possibly can with your website. Things like booking appointments, accepting contracts, taking payments, and marketing your services. These are all things that can be done automatically so you can reinvest your time into other areas to grow your business!

I don’t do cookie-cutter around here, {{ subscriber.first_name }}.

I work with my trainers to create strategic websites that guide visitors through a clear path to become a customer.

Whether that’s a fully-custom site design, a pre-designed template customized to your brand or a pre-designed template that you can take and tweak, I’ve got an option for just about every budget.

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