Website Health Assessment

for personal trainers & 1:1 coaches.


Website Health Assessment

Perfect for anyone who’s not generating enough sales or signups and wants to understand why.

This assessment will give you the resources you need to start seeing results with your website.

What’s included:

1. Errors with WordPress settings

2. Website Page Speed Audit – crucial for SEO and bounce rate.

3. SEO + Analytics Report – So you can be in good standing with Google.

4. Usability Audit – Know if your site is mobile friendly, easy-to navigate and if call-to-actions are placed correctly.

5. Design Audit – understand design flaws that limited your conversion potential.

6. The Legal Stuff – Make sure you’re GDPR, WCAG compliant and more.

7. Niche Specific Report – Are you targeting you niche correctly, with the right content in the right way?

Price: $500

Website Health Assessment + Fix Errors

This includes everything in the normal Website Health Assessment. Additionally, I will fix any fixable errors mentioned in the assessment.

What’s included:

1. Fix any and all technical WordPress Errors.

2. Fix all errors causing slow page loading times.

3. Fix any technical SEO errors with your website.

4. Fix any minor usability issues with your website.

5. Fix minor design flaws with your website.

6. Fix any and all legal errors with the website.

Price: $750