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Feminine Fitness Inspirations: 10 Motivational Designs

Aug 5, 2021 | Website, Web Design

Feminine fitness coaches are a new breed of women who want to help others in their quest for empowerment and self-actualization through physical activity.

With the rise of social media, feminine fitness instructors have found a way to connect with like-minded individuals around the world by sharing their stories, empowering images and videos online.

Feminine fitness designs often use pink as their main color palette because it is an uplifting color that represents love, nurturing, and femininity. Feminineness is not only about being pretty but about being strong enough to be vulnerable which means breaking down barriers between each other so we can all feel comfortable in our own skin. Feminine fitness designers understand this well.

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Here are 10 Feminine Fitness Website Designs

  1. Laura J. Hansen
Laura hanson feminine fitness design

2. Jen Widerstorm

Jen widerstorm

3. Hannah Bronfman

Key Feature: Bold, Confident, Empowering Brand Design

Hannah bronfman

4. Holly Life

Holly life

5. Emily Schromm

Emily schromm

6. Suzie B

Suzie b fitness

What Is Feminine Design?

Feminine fitness designs are designs that accompany feminine textiles and fonts. Feminine design is mainly about embracing the female body type and the need for certain comfort. Feminine textiles are softer, lighter, and more intricate than masculine textiles. Feminine fonts are also different from masculine ones in terms of shape, weight, style, character sets, and spacing. Feminine fonts typically have a fair amount of contrast in them so that they are not too difficult to read or too light.

Do female business owners attract other female clients?

Yes. Since women are 51% of the population (USAID 2017), it stands to reason that female entrepreneur would attract fellow female clients. Female business owners are more likely to understand the needs of other females, as they’ve had many of the same experiences and challenges.

Why Women Make Great Business Owners?

Women make amazing entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. Women are well-known for being more empathetic, and they may be more patient than their male counterparts.

Women can also offer understanding and support to other women that are often not found in male entrepreneurs.

The Feminine Energy Approach To Fitness

A great thing women tend to do is slow things down as opposed to men. This is a strong benefit for women in the fitness industry because a slowed-down routine offers the ability to build muscle and become stronger. Some may refer to this as the feminine energy approach.

I often notice that I’m rushing through my workouts, which can diminish the effectiveness of the workout. Taking a moment to slow down and take deep breaths gives my body time to recover from the exercise and lower my heart rate. Slowing down also gives my body time to “tune in” and focus on how I’m feeling during the workout. I notice that pausing for a few minutes at the beginning of my workouts helps me get into a workout mindset. It also helps me use good form early on in the workout before fatigue sets in.

Parts Of The Feminine Energy Approach To Fitness

1. Feminine Energy Approach To Fitness

There are many psychological and physiological benefits associated with the Feminine Energy Approach To Fitness. One of these is that because women tend to be more in tune with their bodies, they can feel the effect of going too hard and taking it easy for a few minutes. Slowing down allows them to focus on their form, which is often really helpful when fatigue sets in later in the workout.

2. Slow Down Your Workout

One example of slowing down is taking deep breaths. By pausing my workout for a few minutes, I am able to calm my heart rate and focus on how I’m feeling. Slowing down also helps me use good form early in the workout before fatigue sets in.

3. Take Deep Breaths

Taking deep breaths can help you focus on how you’re feeling and using good form. It also helps calm down your heart rate. It’s important to avoid overexerting yourself by taking deep breaths because it will keep you from pushing past your aerobic threshold and into the anaerobic state.

4. Use Good Form Early On In The Workout

Using good form early on in the workout is important because it prevents fatigue from setting in and using poor form later on. Fatigue can lead to muscle soreness and if you’re not careful, injuries can happen as well. By using good form early on, you are also working your muscles more effectively which will help with fatigue later.

Keep practicing different strategies so you know which works for you!

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