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15 Creative Personal Trainer Business Card Ideas | FREE Downloadable Templates

Apr 27, 2021 | Web Design

As personal trainers, you are constantly looking for new ways to promote your business. One of the most effective ways is through a creative and memorable business card design. Personal trainer business cards often include your name, qualifications (education), certifications, contact information such as phone number or email address, website URL, and social media profiles. This blog post will be about 25 creative personal trainer business card ideas that you can use in your own design!

I’ll also talk about how you can easily design your own unique personal trainer business cards, some and some links to templates you can download, and create your own fresh designs that match your brand. Enough said let’s dive in!

1) Fitness Lady Business Cards

From cardio queen to pun archer, here are fresh personal trainer business cards for every woman. Print these out and hand them over to new clients so they know exactly what you can provide them with every time they take you up on your offer of help!

Fitness lady
Fitness lady2


2) Simple Visualizations with Edgy Design

Edgy design can take on various forms, it’s creative, cool, and modernizing the design world. The personal trainer business cards below are an example of this style with a simple yet edgy visualization, plenty of space for text and contact information, and hints at color that pops in just enough to make it feel more lively.

Personal trainer neon card front
Personal trainer neon card back


3) Modern Female Fitness Trainer Business Card Idea

A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure yours are the perfect ones for your business. These fitness business cards will show off the true nature of your elite athleticism. The trendy drippy blue design coupled with a powerful message you’re sure to impress potential customers, making you a powerful force to be reckoned with in the world of personal trainer business cards cardage!

Therapist busienss card front
Female fitness business card back


4) Minimalist Pastel Colored Business Card

Forget about satisfying any inkjet printer. These cards are designed to be super minimalistic, and we’re sorry but a full bleed design is too much for our production process. (I mean really did you expect anything less?) Take on this pastel style rather, sit back and watch the calls come in.

Coach back


5) Yoga or Life Coach Instructor Business Cards

Let’s be honest – you could fill up your wallet with these cards and do it no justice at all. So grab a box of them and have some fun with your business. Download the trendy graphical lady life coach business cards below.

Yoga back


6) Gradient Lines Personal Trainer Business Cards

Say goodbye to your old business cards. This one is cooler anyway! Printed on a crisp white cardstock, gradients subtly blend from light to bright orange at the top edge of each card. If you’ve been looking for something more subtle or eye-catching than a solid color, you’ve just found it — and hey, if you love these as much as we do, download one today because you know you want to.

Gradient style personal trainer business card front
Gradient style personal trainer business card


7) Minimalistic Personal Trainer Business Cards

Everyone knows that having business cards is an important part of networking. Nowadays, you can go to any conference or get-together and everyone has a stack of them on their phone. But what about the ones that don’t? We all know it can be hard to find that contact info at an event!

Modern personal trainer cards
Minimal personal trainer business cards


8) Modern Personalized Gym Image

Personal trainer business cards you can’t wait to put in your pocket! Cards that are versatile, sophisticated, and sultry. They’re attention-grabbing like no other and will change the way people see you because they won’t be able to take their eyes off of you (they’ll want to know more).

Blue fit
Blue fit2


9) The Trendy Maximalist Personal Trainer Business Cards

The maximalist style is the new cool and trendy look that’s been making a splash in the design world. These personal trainer business cards are an example of this style with bold colors, plenty of geometric shapes, and decorative features.

Personal trainer business card front


10) Flat Circles Gym Owner Cards

Unlike traditional personal trainer business cards, where all the information is printed on the same surface, these cards mix the design process with your personal creativity. Unleash your inner designer and make this an opportunity to highlight your various talents and skills with color gradients.

Target blue
Target blue back


11) Boxy Vibrant Colored Business Cards

Free up space in your wallet and pocketbook with the new, low-maintenance Boxy Business Cards. Instead of juggling multiple cards, you can now carry around just one stylish card that is sturdy enough to keep all those pesky receipts safe as we–no need for a second business card!

Boxy cards
Boxy vibrant


12) Simple Line Graphics

Are you looking for some new creative ways to say “I exist”? If so then look no further! Here are some simple lines. Always outdoing ourselves in designing creatively beautiful cards which let’s be honest, nobody wants anything but the best! Not only these cards come with a dark blue color but a trendy buff guy to show off your personal training business.

Simple lines
Line graphic


13) Trendy Pastel Yoga or Life Coach

You need one, so why not invest in the classiest card you can find? These minimalist personal trainer business cards are perfect for people who want a sleek design and like to fly under the radar. The cards come with a variety of textures and colors that will add just enough personality while still sticking to your classy style.

Pastel color
Pastel colors


14) New School Gradients

So you’ve decided to get your own personal trainer business cards? Excellent decision, entrepreneur. Out with the old in with the new… The crisp, clean look of a high-quality business card is an instant confidence booster. It’s more than just a classy way to keep up with courtesy—business cards can also be key for networking and advertising opportunities!

Modern gradient front
Modern gradients


15) Simple Flat Themed Business Cards

Is your business looking a little out of date? Then these flat and simple styled business cards are for you! Print on thick paper, this elegant design is perfect for any marketing campaign, whether or not it’s aimed towards the younger generation. Make this eye-catching design work hard as part of your own company branding.

Blue dumbbell
Flat back


What should a personal trainer put on their business card?

As a fitness trainer, you should have the following information on your business card: your name, what you do, business name, phone number, email address, and social media links.

How do I get clients for my personal training business?

The best way to get new clients as a fitness trainer is to niche down on your ideal client and then offer them a “freebie” incentive to sign up for your email list. Then consistently follow up with them with valuable information with an email autoresponder so that they see you as a trusted fitness trainer.

Do I need an ABN as a personal trainer?

Yes, in Australia an ABN is required to operate a business as a personal trainer or fitness trainer.

How much should 500 business cards cost?

The average starting cost of double-sided business cards for personal trainers is $15.00 per 100 business cards. The average cost for 500 personal trainer business cards would cost about $75.

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