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15 Lead Magnets: Verified Ideas to Get More Fitness Clients

Sep 20, 2021 | Marketing, Blogging, Featured Two

Health and fitness is a booming industry, with more people than ever wanting to look their best. This means that fitness professionals are in high demand. If you’re looking for ways to attract new clients, read this blog post! We have compiled the top fitness lead magnets verified to work in 2021 and get clients signing up for your fitness services.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing tool that marketers use to attract new prospects. It is used when you want to incentivize them to sign up for your fitness services. The fitness lead magnets in this blog post are designed specifically with fitness professionals in mind. One thing that all good lead magnets have in common is that they provide a lot of value to your lead. The best lead magnets are also actionable. This means that your prospects can instantly download and implement your idea to get them one step closer to achieving their desired result.

15 Proven Fitness Lead Magnets

Each lead magnet below is verified and working for personal trainers. These are ideas from some of the most successful fitness coaches around the world.

1. Build With Science – Jeremy Ethier Lead Magnet Funnel (Proven)

The Optin (Free Assessment Quiz)

Fitness lead magnets
Fitness lead magnet funnel 1
Fitness lead magnet funnel 2
Fitness lead magnet funnel 3
Fitness lead magnet funnel 4

The Sales Page

Sales page

This is where you want to get them to really take action. You don’t necessarily have to create a sale here, however, adding a video like this really helps to establish trust in your buyer or the person signing up for your free offer. You want to explain the benefits of what they are about to get, how it will help them achieve their goals, what you will be providing for them, and anything else that will help break down the trust barrier. You have to think, people are being bombarded every single day with spammy emails that provide little to no value. In order to stand out, you need to really help out your potential customers.

2. Athlean X – 90 Second Perfect Program (Proven)

Athlean-x lead magnet

3. Greg Doucette – Anabolic Recipe Lead Magnet (Proven)

Greg doucette lead magnet

12 Other Proven Fitness Lead Magnets Ideas To Try

  1. Cheatsheets – 3 scientifically proven ways to lose 10 pounds in 1 week.
  2. Checklists – My 30 point checklist to guaranteed weight loss in 30 days.
  3. Listicles- 10 effective bodyweight exercises to add 15 pounds of muscle in 30 days.
  4. Recipes – The 7 recipes I use for consistent weight loss week after week without sacrificing flavor. Macros included.
  5. Quizzes – The perfect weight loss plan for your body type.
  6. Workout Plans – 10 best barbell exercises to put on muscle and lose weight.
  7. E-books – Our free guide that includes everything you need to drop those extra pounds before that upcoming beach vacation.
  8. Free Guide – 10 Ways To Make the Gym More Enjoyable
  9. Trackers – Fitness habit tracking lead magnet
  10. Video offers – Free weekly fitness video lead magnet
  11. Weekly Email Tips – Another great lead magnet is to create weekly tips and send them directly to your email subscribers’ inboxes.
  12. Meal Plans

How Can I Use My Fitness Lead Magnet to Convert Sales?

The best way to actually convert sales with a good lead magnet is to get your ideal clients signing up to your email list. Once you have a verified working idea you can send them to an opt-in page where they will input their email so you can immediately send your lead magnet. This lead magnet should be something that is important to your ideal client and will help them take the next step in their fitness journey.

For example, if you were a personal trainer who wants clients signing up for one on ones with you then maybe your lead magnet could be an article about how to train for half-marathon training? This would give potential clients some last-minute tips before they are getting ready to begin their running program or it can also be used as inspiration when they are not feeling motivated throughout this process!

You want to make sure whatever lead magnet idea you choose has value because people don’t want to sign up for any ol’ email list these days – everyone’s inboxes are flooded with useless emails every day.

You should also consider putting together a trustworthy website that is well designed with the right marketing message for your ideal clients. Check out our post on the top 13 personal trainer website designs for inspiration for your next project.

What To Do Once You Have Your Lead Magnet

The next step after creating the lead magnet and determining how you’ll get traffic to your lead magnet is to convert them into leads. You do this by sending them to a landing page. You’ll then collect their email, then immediately send them their free resources. The next day you’ll want to send over a welcome email and make sure they received their free resources.

In other words, you want to make sure they got their cheat sheet, detailed guide, or whatever it is that they showed interest in. Ideally, the lead magnet that you promote will solve a specific problem and help guide them into paying for your personal trainer service. This is the first step to your success and it’s what small businesses across the world are doing to generate visitors to their site every single day.

How Can I Create A Fitness Lead Magnet That Actually Produces Leads?

The best way to know for sure if your lead magnet will actually produce leads is to study what is already working by checking out other personal trainers. Taking what already works will ensure your fitness lead magnet will convert sales. We have included a list of the top fitness lead magnets that are working in 2021 to help you create your own fitness lead magnet or fitness business website.

Now that you know how important it is to produce leads, let’s take a look at what makes some lead magnets better than others and what every successful personal trainer needs…a blog! Blog posts can be used as an effective way to build credibility with potential new clients by offering valuable content they might not otherwise get from another source.

It also gives them insight into who you are beyond just being their trainer while delivering on the promise of providing something free (the fitness lead magnet). Benefits of a blog as a personal trainer include more traffic, more sign ups, reaching more prospective clients, and ensure that you’re creating a place where your ideal clients hang out. This is exactly what you want.

Want to learn how to create your own fitness blog to start getting tons of traffic?

How To Generate Hundreds of Fitness Leads?

Generating leads to your fitness business is so important because, without them, your fitness business has no way to grow. If you want to generate hundreds of fitness leads then you need to have an awesome lead magnet paired with a way of getting thousands of people viewing your free offer. Some of the best fitness business owners are taking Youtube and Blog posting to generate hundreds of leads every single day on autopilot for free.

How to get eyes on your Lead Magnets?

Blogging is one of the best ways to gain more website traffic for lead generation, especially in the fitness industry because it allows you to reach a massive number of people without spending too much money or time on advertising. Having a consistent content strategy in place will really help you get hundreds if not thousands of people signing up for your services in a relatively short amount of time.

Now it’s time to create your own lead magnet. Here’s how to make a perfect irresistible offer.

Define your ideal target client – Niching down (Ideas)

  1. Vegan Nutrition Programs
  2. Prenatal weight loss for mothers.
  3. Injury recovery programs for Athletes.

Developing your lead magnet idea? – Doing your research

The best way to research new lead magnet ideas is to see what other industry leaders are doing. This saves you the headache of trying to come up with lead magnet ideas yourself.

As well as looking at what your competitors are doing, you can look on sites such as Quora and Reddit for lead magnets that have been proven successful in the past. You can also find lead magnets by just searching Google – although this is a long process you can use Google to search for instructors that have a larger following.

The best way to do this is to head over to YouTube or Google and search for a leader in the industry. Browse over to their website. If they have a large following, chances are they have some sort of lead magnet that is helping them collect email addresses on their website.

If they are using it on their website then you can bet that the chance is high that it is working for them.

Now all you have to do is contact your website designer to help you implement and automate the process so that you can generate leads on demand.

Need help adding a fitness lead magnet to your website?

I am an online personal trainer website designer and I can help you build the perfect website that will get people paying for your services.

Designing your lead magnet

The best way to design your lead magnet is to head over to Canva and use one of their premade templates. Canva is awesome because it contains a ton of lead magnet templates that you can use without having to start from scratch. Once you have your idea it’s as simple as customizing the template to match your brand and update the content relevant to your offer.

Creating clients by making your lead magnet practical and actionable

Actionable lead magnets are the best because they lead to a higher conversation rate, more emails on the list, and ultimately lead to more clients.

In order for your lead magnet idea to be actionable, it has to contain a value that is practical – this means that you must provide something of true significance when they opt-in on your offer. If you are not giving them anything significant then people will assume there isn’t any reason why they should give up their email address either.

Are you ready to take your personal trainer lead magnets seriously?

Hire An Online Personal Trainer Web Designer To Help Grow Your Fitness Business.


Creating lead magnets that are practical and actionable is the best way to drive more leads. If you have been struggling with lead generation, it may be time for a change in strategy. Lead Magnets offer an opportunity for your fitness business to reach new clients by creating something of true significance when they opt-in on your offer. In order for lead magnet ideas to be actionable, they must contain a value that is practical – this means that you need to provide something of true significance when someone opts into your lead magnet offer.

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