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Wanna see some results

Here are real results achieved for our local surf charter client in Michigan.
Now ranked #1 in search.

Case Study


Client: Sol Surf Co

Summary: Client needed a new website that would position them as the expert. They had no traffic prior and needed to get eyes on the brand fast.

Sol analytics
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Final Result

3,000+ monthly visits which translates to about $4,500 saved per month on Adspend. (assuming Google’s average 1-2 dollar CPC) Traffic will continue to grow even if the campaign is turned off.

How I achieve these results

What I DO.

Ranking in Google is all about establishing authority. Google rewards websites that provide great content to it’s readers. That’s why you need a content strategy. Great content get’s linked to online, boosting your status and makes YOU the authority in your field.

Google has just release the “helpful content” algorithm update. The following reasons are why my clients are safe:

  • I write for humans first and search engines second. With that said, I know how to provide value to readers while also satisfying the search algorithms with white-hat ONLY strategies.
  • I do extensive keyword research. Depending on your pre-established domain authority I provide a content strategy around the keywords you will be able to rank for.
  • I provide content that is relevant to your industry. I don’t produce misleading topics for the sake of pumping out content.
  • I only work with business owners who are serious about their brand and reputation.
What I DO NOT do.

My SEO strategies are 100% white hat. I avoid doing the following tactics to avoid Google penalties in future algorithm updates.

  • I DO NOT work with businesses that are looking for overnight results. For most, SEO takes 3-6 months to establish enough authority on a topic to rank.
  • I DO NOT use blackhat tactics.
  • I DO NOT use AI writers to produce mass content. All articles are written in-house by qualified writers.
  • I DO NOT repurpose content. Every article is authentic, well-researched and offers new insight on the topic.
  • I DO NOT strive for a particular word count. I write as much as it takes to cover the topic well enough that the reader doesn’t have to look around for more answers.

Design work

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