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I’m Casey, a result-oriented designer/developer. Results come from a team that understands your business, your clients, and the journey involved to help them take action.

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Here are real results achieved for our local surf charter client in Michigan.
Now ranked #1 in search.

Case Study


Client: Sol Surf Co

Summary: Sol Surf Co. came to me looking for a website and a way to generate new eyes on their surf company while establishing authority in wake surf world. In just a short few months we built a website and grew to over 3k visitors a month.

Sol analytics
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Final Result

3,000+ recurring monthly visitors within 4 months and 18 blog posts.

How to achieve these results for yourself.

How to rank in Google.

 Ranking in Google is all about the content you create. Google rewards websites that create great content. That’s because better content keeps people using their platform. Google rewards good content with more viewership and punishes bad content. In order to rank well, you must provide helpful, insightful & unique content. 

It’s really as simple as that with a few simple caveats. 

  • You should be targeting the correct keywords that you can rank for depending on your established online authority.
  • You must have a solid & relevant content strategy. Preferably stuff that get’s linked to and shared, an internal linking strategy and relevant to your audience or niche.
  • Your content should ALWAYS be something that your readers get value from.

Things to know:

It takes some time to build enough authority to rank your webpages. It doesn’t happen overnight, unfortunately. But it does compound.

If you’re someone that is serious about your brand and your brands reputation then you’ll love my white-hat approach to SEO. 


Design work

A couple projects I think you’ll like.

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