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With my unique web design system we’ll step through a proven technique that will help you:

✔️ get super clear about your ideal client
✔️ build an irresistible offer that’ll get them on your email list.
✔️ write copy that resonates with them.
✔️ automate the process.
✔️ and ultimately save you time and money.


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A fully custom website with EVERYTHING done for you; start to finish, so that you can focus your time into running your business.

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A fully ready-to-convert website that attracts your ideal client & supports your business model so that you can grow your revenue.

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A pre-designed ready to convert template that gives you everything you need to piece together a website that converts at scale.

Casey smith web design

Hi, I’m Casey!

I help personal trainers and fitness coaches like you go from 1:1 coaching to scaling your business online; ultimately providing you with more revenue and less work without the hassle of learning years of marketing and new tech.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re currently maxed out with 1:1 clients.
  • You’ve reached a revenue plateau.
  • Your business is taking too much of your personal time to enjoy life.

That’s why I created my free “MUST ANSWER” website questions. It will provide you with everything you need for a successful web design project.

About Me

I stand for everyone’s ability to create financial independence and not being tied to an employer.

I believe no-one should work harder than what they’re worth.

I empower people to achieve financial independence within their own business in the simplest and shortest amount of time.

That’s why I created my free list of web design questions. You must ask yourself these questions before you start your web design project. They will help you become clear about your ideal client and ultimately make marketing to them much easier.

Imagine if your website worked properly for you?

What if you tripled or quadrupled the traffic going to your website and that traffic was taking action, signing up for your email list and actually buying your programs?

Would that give you more freedom in your life?  Do you think that would provide a better lifestyle for you and your family?

It all starts with downloading my free list of “must answer” website questions.

  • Build and convert your email list.
  • Double your revenue and profit.
  • And automate the processes to scale your business.

I can help you get started.

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Learn how to free up your time with 1:1 clients, generate more income and spend less time in the process.

Enter your name and I’ll send my list of “MUST ANSWER” questions straight to your inbox!

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